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Are you looking for Schertz wildlife control and removal services? When it comes to wild animals in your home, we provide effective solutions from wildlife trapping and damage repair services to attic restoration and animal exclusion.

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We start with a full home inspection to find points of entry, vulnerable areas and animal evidence such as hair and feces.


Next we set up humane traps to remove the nuisance animals that are causing the problem in your home, attic or property.

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After the animals have been removed we provide damage repair, clean up and guaranteed animal proofing services.

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Wildlife Control Schertz, TX

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Here at Bailey’s Critter Removal, we provide wildlife control and humane animal removal services for bats, birds, bees, snakes, skunks, raccoons, squirrels, rats, mice, moles, armadillos, and all other Texas Nuisance Wildlife Species.

In Bexar County, our Schertz nuisance animal removal services are heavily regulated to ensure humane and proper treatment of unwanted wildlife, while following Texas trapping laws. We understand the importance of animals to the local ecosystem and perform only humane wildlife control services. After all, they are just trying to survive just like us.

Birds in vents, bats in the attic, raccoons in chimneys, snakes in the house, squirrels in attics, skunks digging up yards, and roof rats heard scratching in the attic are some of the more common nuisance wildlife conflicts we see among the nuisance wildlife issues in Schertz, TX. Nuisance animal removal issues should always be conducted by trained wildlife control professionals, not pest control operators as the two services are very different. This is to ensure the safety of both the homeowner and the animals.

If you are hearing noise in the attic, see new animal activity, find an animal entry point, or have any other wildlife issue, we are here to help you. If you have a domestic animal issue, please call your local county animal control office for assistance. 

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Bailey’s Critter Removal is the only female ran business in south Texas. Bailey holds a Biological Science degree and is  licensed by Texas Parks and Wildlife Department.

Bat Removal Schertz, TX

Bats in the attic in Schertz can be a real problem despite bats being so beneficial to our eco system. Both state, federal and local Bexar County laws protect bats against inadvertently harming them from uneducated attempts at bat control and removal by homeowners.

Bats will squeeze through a hole as small as the thickness of a matchbook, so without proper training and experience a home inspection for bat entry points can be very difficult.

Bailey’s Critter Removal is fully trained and experienced in the complex situations that bats in a home present, including guano removal, with a thorough understanding of legal restrictions and expert command of all-natural removal techniques.

Our bat exclusion services are no kill and fully hands off to ensure no bats are harmed during the removal process from your home. Our work is also guaranteed making sure you have no future bat infestations.

Squirrel Removal Schertz, TX

Squirrels in the attic? It’s one thing to see a squirrel in your yard, but seeing one in your house is quite another. In a matter of minutes, squirrels can wreak havoc on your property. These rodents can quickly access your home via entry points such as an open window, an attic vent, or even your chimney. The chaos begins once they’re inside. Everything in their path will be ripped, clawed, and bit.

If you think there’s a squirrel in your house, call us right away. It’s best to leave squirrel removal to our professional crew because trapping a squirrel can be extremely difficult, frustrating, and dangerous. To avoid costly damage to your property, we will trap the squirrel in a quick, safe, and humane manner. We’ll assist in identifying and sealing any entryways once the squirrel has left to prevent the incident from happening again.

Roof Rat Removal Schertz

Roof rat control Schertz TX. Rat infestations can be a serious problem to both home and health. Rodents are known to transmit over 35 diseases to humans through direct or indirect contact. Bite wounds, contact with rodent feces, urine, or saliva can all transmit disease to humans. Ticks, fleas, and mites that come into contact with rodents can spread diseases indirectly. Hence why rodent control is extremely important when any of these signs are noticed.

Rodents will also gnaw through electrical insulation and junction boxes, causing electrical fires. Rats chew on hard plastics, commonly used for electrical connections inside your home, to keep their teeth sharp. Our rodent removal and roof rat trapping services are quick and effective saving you from any further rodent damages.

Bailey’s Critter Removal specializes in removing rats in the attic completely and permanently. On a quarterly basis, many pest control companies will spread poison around your home. We have the tools and knowledge to actually solve the problem, permanently.

Schertz, Texas Raccoon Removal

Raccoon trapping in Schertz. Due to the health concerns raised by the presence of raccoons in your home, raccoon infestations can be just as troublesome as other wildlife infestations, if not more so. Furthermore, dealing with raccoon infestations can be costly due to the variety of damages raccoons cause.

Raccoons damage the wiring and ductwork in your attic and contaminate the insulation, in addition to their amusing appearance and cunning food-stealing abilities. The most dangerous aspect of living near raccoons is the risk they pose to your health and the health of your family members, as they can carry dangerous diseases like rabies and parvovirus.

Raccoons cause severe problems for animal control companies that do not have the proper equipment or training to effectively deal with the infestation, from the damage they cause in the attic to the diseases they carry. Raccoon removal is one of Bailey’s Critter Removal’s many professional wildlife removal and control services in Schertz, Texas.

Snake Removal Schertz, Texas

Snakes abound in Texas, many of which are entirely harmless and aid in controlling rodent and other pest populations. That isn’t to say you want them to move into your home or yard. Snakes can be safely removed from your property by our expert wildlife removal staff. Keep all pets and family members at a safe distance if you suspect a snake is venomous. The snake is just as terrified of you, and if it feels the need to defend itself, it will strike.

Schertz Texas Bird Control

You may believe the situation is hopeless, but birds can be controlled. Bird netting may be used, depending on the species. Pigeons and other pest birds have become a fixture in our environment due to their adaptability, but the fact that they nest and roost so close to humans can be more than a nuisance.

Every year, the acidity of bird droppings and their inconveniently placed nests cause property damage worth millions of dollars. We provide a variety of bird control options and will work with you to create the best bird control program possible. Bird netting, bird spiking, bird fogging, and other bird deterrents are all used.

Schertz Armadillo Removal

It’s time to call Bailey’s Critter Removal of Schertz to get rid of your armadillos as soon as you notice small holes around your property. You may be irritated by these little critters destroying your lawn or garden, but the real damage occurs beneath the surface. Armadillos can ruin your foundation by digging holes near your home. A single critter can result in a very costly repair.

Individuals should never approach armadillos without professional assistance because they can carry disease. Trained wildlife specialists know how to use the best trapping techniques and remove armadillos from infested properties in a humane manner. Before attempting to remove or trap any potentially dangerous wildlife, give us a call.

Schertz Skunk Removal

Most residents in the are aware of skunks’ unique defense mechanism (spraying), and for this reason, most people avoid approaching them. If these medium-sized critters appear in your immediate vicinity, your pets will most likely be curious. Skunk spray can temporarily blind humans and pets, so if you aren’t well-trained, avoid approaching them. If skunks have invaded your property, call Bailey’s Critter Removal, and we’ll get started on skunk removal right away.

Schertz, TX Opossum Control

Opossums are common in Texas, and are frequently misidentified as large rodents. It’s commonly assumed that the opossum’s reputation for being wary of humans prevents them from settling down in close quarters. This could not be more untrue. Opossums are unafraid to take advantage of the accessible shelter and food that homes and office buildings provide. Even though they are one of the most common wildlife species found in residential attics and crawlspaces, they will make their presence as inconspicuous as possible.

Bailey’s Critter Removal’s experts are unrivaled in the industry. They have a scientific understanding of opossum habits and behavior, which gives them a leg up on the competition when it comes to tracking and trapping these elusive creatures.

Our wildlife control company Schertz TX services the surrounding Bexar County areas of Alamo Heights, Balcones Heights, Castle Hills, China Grove, Converse, Cross Mountain, Elmendorf, Fair Oaks Ranch, Grey Forest, Helotes, Hill Country Village, Hollywood Park, Kirby, Lackland, Leon Valley, Live Oak, Lytle, Macdona, Olmos Park, Randolph, San Antonio, Sandy Oaks, Scenic Oaks, Schertz, Selma, Shavano Park, Somerset, Saint Hedwig, Terrell Hills, Timberwood Park, Universal City, Von Ormy, Windcrestand more. Contact us today if you are in need of professional Schertz animal removal services!

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