Rodent Proofing / Seal Up

Rodent Proofing and Home Seal Up in San Antonio, TX

Prevent Conditions That Attract Wildlife With Our Procedures

When it comes to increasing rodent populations, the optimal conditions that lead to this are easy to access to food and shelter. It is essential to seal your home and enforce rodent proofing steps to prevent issues associated with large groups. Popular attractants should be adequately stored, indoor and outdoor spaces should be sanitized, and entry points to your home should be sealed. Bailey’s Critter Removal is here to help you find the remedies you need to get rid of the conditions that promote rodent infestation. When animals are present on or near your house, we can provide wildlife inspections and removal. On all of our exclusion jobs, we have a full ground, attic, and roof assessment, as well as warranties. Call our team of experts at (210) 679-1487 today for outstanding rodent proofing in San Antonio, TX. For your convenience, we are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Sealing Your House

Making it difficult for rodents to reach your home is the first step in a proper home seal-up job. It’s a tricky job because mice can fit through 1/4 inch (the size of a dime) openings and rats through 1/2 inch openings (the size of a nickel.) When dealing with small rodents like these, non-chewable steel wool is commonly used to seal punctures and cracks. Plugging and sealing holes and gaps, whether underground, on the roof, walls, or attics, would be necessary to prevent larger animals from gaining entry. In order to have expert eyes identify the problem areas that an untrained eye might overlook, a rodent proofing inspection in San Antonio, TX, is needed. Experts are aware of common access points and can establish a better plan of action as a result.

Access Points in Common

  • Both exterior lines leading through walls must have strong seals.
  • Both cracks and holes in the foundation, walls, basements, and other structures should be filled or repaired.
  • Gaps and gaps around door and window frames should be filled.
  • Cover any exposed insulation that mice might use as a nesting spot.
  • Fill in any holes around pipes that lead to appliances with caulk.
  • To keep rats and other animals out, cover the chimney with a hat.