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Bailey's Critter Removal is a locally owned and family-operated wildlife removal company with decades of experience in the nuisance animal field. We believe in humane wildlife control solutions and conduct our raccoon removal services with both the health of the homeowner and animal in mind. Call us today at (210) 679-1487 if you are experiencing signs of raccoons in the attic.

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Raccoon Trapping In Olmos Park, Texas

Raccoons can be quite a nuisance for homeowners in Olmos Park, Texas, due to their incredible dexterity and excellent night vision. These wild animals make raccoon trapping in Texas difficult for residents that do not have the proper equipment or training to effectively deal with the infestation, from the damage they cause in the attic to the diseases they carry. Raccoon removal is a popular service we perform, and our technicians have been trained to handle raccoons while following humane practices and Texas wildlife laws.

Signs That Raccoons Are In The Attic

Picture of roof shingles ripped apart by raccoons

Because of their size and weight, their sounds are easily distinguishable from those made by larger animals. One of the surefire signs that a raccoon is in the attic is hearing thumping noises. No other pest in the city is large enough to make stomping noises.

You notice the activity is the next best indicator that you are dealing with raccoons. Raccoons are nocturnal, so the most common time they try to break into a structure is late at night or overnight.

Look around your property for signs of raccoon nesting materials if you suspect a raccoon has gained access. Raccoons will immediately begin constructing nests to make themselves at home. They are incredibly resourceful animals who will use almost anything to build a nest.

Looking for scat—or sniffing for it—is another way to tell if you have raccoons in the attic. Instead of leaving feces all over the place, raccoons will use one area of your attic as a latrine. Raccoon feces has a strong odor, and you'll probably notice a small buildup of scat in other areas of your home.

Why Are Raccoons In Olmos Park Dangerous?

Raccoons cause massive property damage due to their desire to get to food and seek shelter. Raccoons frequently seek refuge in attics and other areas of your home. A mother raccoon and her offspring have been known to pry up roofing tiles to gain access to a home. Raccoons will leave urine and feces behind once they have entered a home.

In their search for food, raccoons can cause damage to other structures around your home. Garbage cans, containers, and other items can be ripped apart by their strong, dexterous hands, which are topped with non-retractable claws.

Raccoons dig for grubs, beetles, and other insects, so they might dig up your garden as well. They are opportunistic eaters, which means they may eat plants, vegetables, and fruit from your garden.

While raccoons are not typically aggressive, they have been known to defend themselves viciously when threatened. Their claws and hand-like paws make them formidable fighters, and if you're not careful, your pets could be on the receiving end.

Raccoon Carried Diseases

Image of sick raccoon resting

Olmos Park residents often mistakenly believe raccoons are friendly because of the way they look, but they have the capacity to transmit harmful diseases. From babies to full-blown adults, any sized raccoon can carry deadly diseases. Even if they are young, they can be infected with viruses, bacteria, and parasites. Humans can contract these infections by mishandling raccoon excrement o, more seriously, by coming into contact with the animal. A trip to the doctor is required after being bitten, scratched, or exposed to feces.

Common Raccoon Diseases Include:

Baylisascaris Procyonics: Raccoons carry a type of roundworm parasite called Baylisascaris procyonics. Ingesting the parasite's eggs, which usually occurs after improper handling of raccoon feces, can cause this disease.

Giardiasis: This infection causes severe gastrointestinal problems. Humans contract Giardia when they eat or drink something that has come into contact with contaminated water or has touched a surface that has been infected.

Rabies: Most are aware of this disease, but it's worth learning more about because it can be fatal. Raccoons are the most common carriers of this virus. You can get it if you come into contact with its infected saliva, which happens most often when a rabid animal bites you.

Olmos Park Raccoon Removal & Prevention

The method we use to get rid of raccoons varies depending on the location of the problem. A raccoon in the attic requires an entirely different approach than a raccoon in the yard. Please do not attempt to trap raccoons on your own because they are dangerous animals with a nasty attitude when trapped. Raccoons can carry rabies, which is well-known, but a lesser-known disease, raccoon roundworm, can be just as deadly and more easily contracted.

Raccoon removal from your attic is a complex and challenging process. Because of the animal's size, finding a raccoon entry point is usually easier than finding other attic invaders. Raccoon problems do not go unnoticed for as long as other attic pests do, owing to their size. On the other hand, being bigger and stronger allows them to do more damage in less time. Contact the professional raccoon removal technicians at Bailey's Critter Removal for safe raccoon solutions.

Raccoon Relocation Process

Photograph of raccoon caught in cage

We have years of experience providing professional raccoon removal services Olmos Park area. Bailey's Critter Removal will inspect your home or business for entry points and devise a strategy for removing nuisance wildlife from your premises using humane methods. The process begins with an inspection that gives our wildlife removal specialists vital information such as how many raccoons, if there are kits, and what is attracting the creatures.

Next, we will implement humane traps to capture the animals and seal all entry points. This will prevent future infestations. We will assess the raccoon's damage and explain how we will handle the affected areas once the raccoon has been removed.

Raccoon damage is often so severe that insulation must be completely removed to ensure that no disease-causing bacteria are left behind. After removing the insulation, our raccoon removal experts will decontaminate your attic with a treatment that kills bacteria and spores while also reducing odors. We search for further damage that may require repairs/replacement.

Are You In Need Of Olmos Park Raccoon Control Services?

We offer critter trapping and removal services for unwanted wildlife on your property. We make every effort to be humane while adhering to Texas laws. Contact Bailey's Critter Removal at (210) 679-1487 for a wildlife removal company that you can trust to get the job done properly!