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Mouse Control & Prevention

Picture of mouse in infested home You’ve come to the right place if you’re in need of rodent control in San Antonio. A homeowner’s worst nightmare is having to deal with rodents. They can cause electrical fires with their constant gnawing, in addition to making annoying noises at all hours of the day and night. They, like insects, can transmit diseases such as salmonella and contaminate food.

Rodents cost Americans and businesses millions of dollars in repairs and treatments each year. When the weather gets colder, mouse, rat, and other rodent infestations tend to increase. Call Bailey’s Critter Removal today to protect your home from rodents!

Identifying Mice

House mice have a dusty gray body with a cream-colored belly. Depending on the mouse’s location, the fur color ranges from light brown to dark gray. The body of a house mouse is round and has four legs. Their ears are large and hairy, and their muzzles are pointed. The average length of a house mouse is 2.5 to 3.75 inches. Their tails range in size from 2.75 to 4 inches.

Mice prefer cereal and seeds in nature, but they will also eat insects, nuts, and fruits. Mice will eat almost any human food inside homes but prefer grain-based foods.

Common Signs Of A Mice Infestation

Photograph of mice squeezing through tight spaceTelltale signs of mice in the home include:

  • Teeth Marks On Walls/Wood
  • Scampering Sounds
  • Chewed Holes
  • Small Feces
  • Pet Behavior That Is Unusual
  • Mice Nests
  • Mice Runways

What Is Attracting Mice?

Food and shelter are the two main factors that attract mice and rats to your home. Rodents will love it if you don’t clean up properly and leave food waste on the floor or surfaces.

Rats and mice, like humans, require shelter, especially during the winter months, to avoid the worst of the cold. When they’re looking weather-proof place to raise their young, they’re in the same boat. A warm home with lots of hiding places is ideal, and an untidy home is even better.

Mice and rats can fit through gaps as small as 2cm in diameter, and rats only require slightly more space, so any small hole leading to the outside can serve as a rodent entry point into your home.

Mice and Their Effect on Your Home

Mice will quickly populate attics and other house areas, reproducing rapidly once they find a food source to cling to. They sometimes chew on household materials such as electrical wires, causing property harm. Mice can be dangerous to your health because they bring diseases and spread their droppings all over the place. Mice can cause a variety of issues, including:

  • In-home breeding and nesting.
  • Chewing on electrical wires will result in a burn.
  • Chewing on pipes, resulting in a flood threat.
  • Moving inside the home’s walls.
  • Getting into living spaces, such as the kitchen, and consuming food.
  • Leaving a considerable number of droppings behind.
  • Murine Typhus, Salmonella, Hantavirus, Lymphocytic Choriomeningitis, Pulmonary Syndrome, and other diseases are borne by rodents.

Certain steps will be taken to fix your mouse problem. An inspection of the house will be carried out to identify entry points, and a solution will be devised by covering those areas with non-chewable steel wool. Only by correctly trapping mice inside and successfully removing them from the premises will entry points be repaired. With our experts, you can expect a comprehensive and risk-free mouse removal in San Antonio, TX.

Mice Control & Exclusion

Image of house mice eating rotten foodThe rodent removal experts at Bailey’s Critter Removal can talk to you about the best way to get rid of rodents on your property. The property inspection is crucial because it is here that we will discover how rats, mice, and other rodents are infiltrating your structure. We’ll determine the best locations for treatment and discuss the various rodent removal methods we use with you. Bait stations could be a good option if you have a large commercial property, such as a warehouse. To capture or eliminate mice and rats, we have both indoor and outdoor traps and bait stations.

Bailey’s Critter Removal specialists will also work with you to schedule follow-up visits to ensure that the rodent infestation has been eradicated and that the methods used are effective. We consider your pets, your family, and your needs as a homeowner. We make sure to target the appropriate areas to locate the source of the infestation, remove it, and limit the treatment area.

The Mice Removal Process

Rodent Inspection

A mouse control professional will arrive at your home or business prepared to conduct a thorough inspection. We will first determine the type of mouse that has infested your property, which will aid in the identification of all potential entry points and the development of the most effective treatment plan.

Mice Removal Plan Specific To You

Based on the type of mice in your home, the extent of the infestation, the size of your property, and whether you’ve previously received mice control services, a personalized mice removal plan will be developed. Before starting treatment, talk to your Chicago mouse control specialist about the specifics of your personalized plan.

Setting Bait/Traps

Baits and traps will be placed around your home or business according to your personalized mice removal and treatment plan. The most effective way to deal with a mice infestation is to use a combination of baits and traps, especially if other methods have failed in the past.

Secure Your Property

Mice often scavenge for food in urban areas, including attics and walls. They’ll generally get in through holes or other gaps in the house, where the problems start. Poisoning mice is not a good idea because it won’t fix the problem. We’ll make sure to perform a wildlife inspection of all areas before implementing the required exclusion practices to exclude mouse entry. At Bailey’s Critter Removal in San Antonio, TX, we aim to provide you with fast and efficient mouse removal. To cover all bases, we provide warranties on all of our exclusion work, as well as a full attic, field, and roof assessment. To get started, call us at (210) 679-1487 today.

Mice Removal Experts

Bailey’s Critter Removal is ready to assist you with any exclusion needs you may have healthily and humanely. Anti-contamination measures will be implemented, as well as the removal of debris that can attract pests. To learn more about our programs, send us a call at (210) 679-1487. Now is the time to hire a licensed mouse removal service in San Antonio, TX.

Contact us today to learn more about Mouse Control in San Antonio, TX, and to begin your wildlife inspection. To get started, call us at (210) 679-1487.


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