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Terrell Hills, Texas Bat Removal

Do you have a bat problem at your home or business and want to get rid of them? Bailey’s Critter Removal provides bat control services in Terrell Hills and its surrounding areas.

Many people fear bats because they are considered creepy. This is most likely due to the way these tiny creatures are usually depicted in movies. The truth is that the diseases they carry can make them dangerous to you. Their nesting habits will also damage the structural integrity of your property. If you have bats in your attic, this makes bat removal necessary.

Why Do Bats Enter Attics?

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Terrell Hills Bats, like all wild animals, seek out a safe haven with a consistent temperature where they can live and thrive. Regrettably, your home meets both requirements. Bats can be found in your attic or in your walls, depending on the species. Little Brown Bats and Big Brown Bats are the two types of bats that can infest your home. Little Brown Bats are known for migrating back and forth between attics during the spring and summer and caves during the winter.

Older buildings are particularly appealing to bats because they provide so many potential entry points. Bats will enter and make themselves at home in chimneys, cracks or holes in siding or soffits, louvered vents with loose screening, separating flashing, and just about anywhere where materials have shrunk, warped, or moved apart. Bats can enter a house through a 3/8-inch crack and can squeeze through holes the size of a quarter.

What Kind Of Damage Will Bats Create?

Bat mites, which are frequently mistaken for bed bugs, will often take up residence in humans. Insect exterminators will treat a building, sometimes mistaking these for bed bugs, only to be called back time and time again because the bugs were killed, but new ones took their place due to bats’ presence, and the infestation began anew.

Although bats do not chew on buildings, their guano and urine will build up over time, causing waste to drip through ceilings, ruin insulation, and soak through sheetrock or particleboard, eventually causing the structure to collapse.

Diseases Carried By Terrell Hills Bats

All bat species, like other nuisance animals, are susceptible to rabies. Although bats rarely bite humans, the possibility of health risk should scare you away from their roosts. Along with the risk of rabies, bat guano contains Histoplasmosis spores, a disease that primarily affects people’s lungs, particularly those with immune disorders, the elderly, and the very young.


Histoplasmosis is a fungal infection spread by inhaling spores found in bird and bat droppings. When these spores are inhaled after being exposed to the air, the infection is most commonly spread.

The majority of people with histoplasmosis have no symptoms and are unaware that they are infected. On the other hand, histoplasmosis can be dangerous for some people, particularly infants and those with weakened immune systems. Even the most severe forms of histoplasmosis have treatments available.

Bat Removal Methods

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Unless you want to spend some time in a jail cell, humane-based techniques are the be-all and end-all of bat removal. Bat removal methods that result in the extinction of bat colonies are illegal under Terrell Hills and US federal law.

The most efficient way to remove a colony of bats from an attic is to use live exclusion, which is also beneficial to the bats. White Nose Syndrome (WNS) has affected many species of bats across the United States, which is why humane tactics are so important.

The only time a bat should be killed is if it has entered a home’s living quarters and has bitten someone (should be released if contact was not made). However, a bat captured in this situation may be euthanized and taken to the local health department lab to be tested for rabies and other diseases.

Bat bites are difficult to detect because they cause very little pain. That said, if you were sleeping and a bat was flying around in your bedroom when you awoke, it might be a good idea to have that bat tested.

If your cat or dog has come into contact with one, the bat may be tested as well. If your pets have had routine rabies vaccinations, however, there is little risk to them.

Bat Exclusion Process

1. Inspection

An initial inspection will provide bat control technicians valuable information such as the size of the colony, species of bats, how they entered the home, and how to prevent future bat infestations.

2. Curation Of Removal Plan

Using info gathered during the inspection, our wildlife control professional will curate a strategic removal plan specific to your situation.

3. Elimination Of Entry Points

To remove the bats without physical contact, all but one entry point are sealed. One entry point will be equipped with a bat exclusion device that allows the animals to exit but prevents re-entry.

4. Final Inspection/ Removal of Exclusion Devices

A final walkthrough is done to ensure all bats have left the property, the exclusion devices are removed, and the last entry point is sealed.

5. Guano Clean-Up

Though the bats are gone, their feces are urine will remain in your home. A decontamination service must be performed to ensure bat diseases are not spread throughout the home.

6. Bat Damage Repair

A bat colony in the attic will have torn apart insulation and wiring to construct nests. Repairs must be performed to preserve the attic’s structural integrity.

Remove Bats In Terrell Hills Today

Trapping and removing a bat can be difficult and should never be attempted if you are untrained. The best way to ensure safety is to have your Terrell Hills Bailey’s Critter Removal wildlife expert handle the procedure. Bailey’s Critter Removal will identify the entry points bats use to gain access to your home while on the job and make recommendations to keep them out permanently. Bats suspected of carrying rabies should always be left to be removed by professionals. Contact us for any nuisance wildlife control service needs in Terrell Hills.

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